The 7 BEST Credit Cards That You NEED In 2021

In this video, I go over the 7 best credit cards that you need in 2021! These credit cards are some of the best credit cards for travel as well as some of the best cash back credit cards that will help you to maximize your spending habits. With the holidays quickly approaching in 2021, these are also some of the best credit cards for holiday shopping so that you can earn extra travel points or cash back.

While some of the credit cards in this video, like the Chase Freedom Flex, are the best no annual fee credit cards, others do cost some money to have each year. Luckily, some of the best annual fee credit cards, like the Amex Gold card, have annual credits as well that help to decrease what’s called your “effective annual fee”. Keeping this effective annual fee is critical to get the most out of your premium credit cards.

No matter what kind of credit card you are looking for, the 7 best credit cards in this video (as well as a few bonus ones that I mention) will give you great benefits and features to make the most out of your holiday shopping and other shopping throughout the year!

Let me know in the comment section below if I left any of your top credit cards off of my list of the best credit cards because there are so many other great ones out there!

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor and the opinions in this video are my own. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only, it is not financial advice. You must do your own research and should talk to professionals before making any financial decisions for yourself.

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